Grant Updates
ARRA grant update: 9/10/10

--Mindy and Chad have planned a small interdisciplinary unit. The students are studying Ancient Egypt so in their language arts class they were required to research different aspects of how the Ancient Egyptians lived. The students are supposed to pretend that they lived during that time period and they have to write a story about their life and how they died. After the students finish writing their stories, their stories will be turned into digital stories. The students are currently using windows movie maker in order to create their digital stories.
--In social studies, the students are using EduGlogster in order to create a mock Facebook profile page of a person who lived during Ancient Egyptian times. They are required to research information about a specific person in order to gain the knowledge to build the mock Facebook profile properly. The students have been really engaged and are enjoying the projects. There have actually been other students who have teachers who are not on the grant team that have said that they were jealous and that they wish they could do fun stuff like the other students. --The students have also been given their new Gaggle email accounts. The email account has allowed them to work on school projects at home. Since they do not have Google Doc accounts they can email themselves documents and pull them up at home to finish their assignments. The email accounts also allow them to register for Web 2.0 applications that require an email address. For example, the students wouldn’t have been able to use EduGlogster if they didn’t have an email account. They needed an email account in order to create their own EduGlogster account. Many Web 2.0 applications require an email address. 11/12/10 - Diane will be implenting a Biome project with her students this quarter. She created a Wikispace page and students will be able to choose from various interative projects in order to create their final presentations. The students in Vicki's class will also be doing a similiar project but they will be creating their presentations about Ancient Greece.