Team Meetings

August 5th - onsite professional development with SOITA

August 9th - Revision of action plan and discussions about professional development opportunities and types of technology to be incorporated into the classroom.

August 25th - The team is meeting to revise the action plan, discuss professional development opportunities, and to discuss how each teacher will be incorporating Web 2.0 applications into their classroom.

September 27th - The team met for an entire school day to plan their interdisciplinary unit. They also met with the internal evaluator for the first time and discussed ways they could track student learning. The budget was also discussed. The team decided that the main theme for their interdisciplinary unit was going to be about the environment.

September 30th - The team met with the school treasurer to discuss the budget for the ARRA grant.

October 25th - We created our budget for the grant and discussed more professional development opportunities we would like to attend.

November 1st - We attended an iPad workshop at SOITA.

November 9th - Budget discussion

November 11th - Budget discussion

November 18th and 19th - We attended PD provided by the Buck Institute. We created our interdisciplinary unit and our project based learning unit.

December 2nd - Budget meeting discussing what technology will be purchased.

January 27th - Meeting about eTech conference.

January 31st - February 2nd - We attended and presented at the eTech Conference.

February 8th - We discussed the implementation of technology and our interdisciplinary unit.

February 9th and 10th - We attended the Smart Technology Conference.